Get Involved

Open to everyone. Closed to racism helps businesses to play their part in fighting racism.

As a business owner, you can take your first step by ordering a joining pack to become part of the OECR campaign.

Your pack will include; window clings to display in your business (or home), posters, badges for your team and customers and digital assets for the website and social profiles of your business. Importantly, the cost of each pack covers a donation that will go to a nominated grassroots organisation (find out more about them at ‘Who Is Involved?’)

In addition to your pack, OECR is dedicating time to creating a growing library of free resources that will provide business and individuals with practical advice to help them to tackle racism in their business - to create more equal working environments and to support staff who may confront racism in the workplace.

When you buy a joining pack you will be given a link to access this library.